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Refrigeration units

Our company has developed line of refrigeration units using open type and semi hermetic compressors. The units can be ordered in standard and special package. At our plant in Europe (established in 1991) compressor unit packs are assembled carefully checked at workshop stand and delivered to Customer at any place of the world.

Compressor packs with open type compressors are produced in series, besides serial models are often produced special designed multi compressor racks, compressor packs, refrigeration units for outdoor installations, chillers and etc. In the table below you can see standard capacity lineup of compressor packs and chillers based on the open type and semi hermetic compressors which can work with R410a, R404a, R507, R407C, R134a, R22, R744 refrigerants. Refrigeration capacity range is from 33 to 1884 kW.

On basis of compressor packs are produced chillers with refrigeration capacity from 33 kW (coolant outlet temperature minus 30C to 1884 kW with coolant outlet temperature minus 5C). Also we produce low temperature chillers with coolant temperatures down to minus 90C, there are also chillers for coolant temperature down to minus 55C and 65C. There is possibility to use any kind of coolant, any type of condensers (air cooled, evaporative, water cooled shell and tube or plate), with preinstalled or external pump (Grundfos, KSB, Wilo, Dab, Kolmeks). The chillers are produced for indoor and outdoor installation (in weather proof case).

Our company produce machine rooms container–type.

There are possibility to use any level of unis automation. High level of unit automation, dispatching control abd GSM-modems are standard equipment for our units. The units can be controlled from any computer and even smartphone there is twenty four hour dispatching control service. The programs used in our units are compatible with most Modbus protocols.

Industrial refrigeration compressor units with open type compressors and heat exchangers are one of directions of our production. There are included compressor unit, chillers, vessel-pump units, evaporative condensers and industrial cooling towers. On request it is possible to produce shell and tube evaporators and condensers, plate heat exchangers with phase change or without it.

Our company produces and sells compressor units on base of industrial open type screw compressors. It is possible to purchase alone compressor units or a whole refrigeration units for cooling stores, breweries, meat processing plants, dairies, poultries and chemical plants. Open type compressors are proved as reliable equipment, resistant to unskilled service, provided with a lot of spare parts it is very maintainable and has lifespan up to 400000 working hours. The compressor units use R410a, R22, R404a, ammonia (R717), carbon dioxide (R744) and other refrigerants. Refrigeration capacity of compressor units ranges from 100 kW up to 6000 kW.

Our company produces and sells chillers on base of screw compressor units, with capacities shown at table above, they are designed for cooling different coolants like water, solutions of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, freezium, ecosol, dichloromethane and etc. Water solutions concentration can be from 0% up to 50% with standard range 30, 35, 40, 50 and 55%. For nonstandard coolants chiller evaporators, pumps, valving can be made of stainless steel, titanium, and other materials. In chiller made all necessary connections, it consists of compressor, oil separator (vertical or horizontal, oil cooler, evaporator, pumps, valving power and control switch boards, condenser (for special request). Whole equipment is installed on single frame, there are modifications for outdoor installation. The chillers can be used for air conditioning (coolant temperature: inlet +12C outlet + 7C), and for low temperature applications (coolant temperature: down to minus 40C and lower).

Modular machine rooms are now most perspective directions in refrigeration industry. The customer receives ready to use refrigeration unit where are done all necessary connections and it tested at manufacturer plant, without necessary of long mounting period in case if equipment is delivered separately.

Our company provides modular machine rooms for different applications. The advantage of modular machine room is high quality of factory assembly, minimum installation period, wide range of executions, occupy small area. It is very convenient for customers located in center of cities where is lack of unoccupied areas. For classic refrigeration unit there are necessary machine room vessels room, place for condenser on roof or some place for cooling towers. For modular machine rooms or chillers there is no need in room, it can be installed nearby production building or on the roof. The dimensions of units are: width 2.2 m and length ranges from 6 to 12 m. At roof of modular machine room can be installed air cooled or evaporative condenser, or cooling tower. Pumps water tank and valving are located in modular machine room. Choosing modular machine room the customer receives comprehensive solution, without equipment scattered in different rooms, switch boards and long cable traces. Modular machine rooms are designed for use in different climatic zones with ambient air temperatures from minus 60C (Arctic installations) up to plus 50C (Desert installations). The basic execution is for ambient air temperature from minus 32C up to plus 32C. Noise level of unit ranges from 60 to 80 dB.

Our company provides wide range of modular machine room variants cooling stores, breweries, meat and fish processing plants, dairies, poultries and chemical plants. All modular machine rooms are made in dimensions of sea container, it provides to transport the units by trucks without using low profile platforms under bridges with height down to 4,5 m, also the units can be transported by railways or by ships.

Our company produces range of different vessels and pump station on it’s base, including refrigerant pumps oil returning system and other necessary components. Volume of produced vessels ranges from 0.5m3 up to 20 m3, for use with ammonia and freon.


High quality project documentation, reliable equipment require good mounting. Mounting provided by experienced specialists ensure long life of refrigeration installation. Our company provides services for refrigeration equipment mounting of all types including ammonia equipment.

Ammonia refrigeration installations require welder for steel pipes, advanced gas cutters and experienced general workers which are familiar with  specificity  of steel pipes preparing and cutting. Installation on foundations, working with cranes, loading and unloading equipment requires for slingers or competent foreman in mounting team. For freon systems it is required high quality  soldering of  copper pipes and quality evacuation of system.

Requirements for high quality mountings force our company to use specialists with decades of mounting experience. Working with us you can be sure not only foreman but also all slingers are experienced and passed through dozens complicated mountings. Our management went way from fitters and designers to chief engineer in largest Russian companies.

For special refrigeration installation starting up our company provides several slingers and foremen from production workshop and supplying dialers. It allows to make mounting competently and take into account all equipment producer requirements to get warranty.

Also our company provides supervision services. The customer usually located far from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg which lead to high expenses to use our specialists. To reduce expenses it is possible to cooperate with local refrigeration companies which are our partners and have great experience in refrigeration. If customer have own specialists he can do coolant piping, cooling slabs, making heat-insulating and installing sandwich panels, cable routs, with advises of our supervising specialists. It allows to reduce mounting expenses and provides mounting works on high level.

When mounting we use proven and reliable methods, always improving them when new tools and materials are appeared. In mountings our slogan is «Quality, quality and one more time quality». Mounting works provided by our specialists are made at high quality level and meet all demands of customer. On the basis of the company experience by director Dr.-Ing. A. Polevoy was published textbook «Refrigeration installations mounting», which covers whole process of refrigeration unit installations.


Our company consist of specialists which took best traditions of soviet design institutes and capability of modern equipment. All project documentation is produced by using computer graphics. Drawings and specifications are made according to rules and regulations which are valid in country where the documentation is applied (GOST, DIN and etc.).

Our company provides project documentation development for next plants:

  • refrigeration plants (cold stores, low temperature cold stores);
  • breweries (including CO2 regeneration stations);
  • ice rinks (Hockey, figure skating, curling and etc.);
  • meat processing plants, fish processing plants, poultries, dairy;
  • soil freezing;
  • air conditioning HVAC;
  • chemical, building, metallurgical industries and etc.

Our company offer project documentation for next sections: metal constructions (MC), ferroconcrete constructions (FC), electro supply (ES), water supply and sewerage (WS), and core section refrigeration supply (RS).

Project documentation sew in volumes which are consists of dozens drawings beginning from circuit diagram, layouts, cross sections, pipes routs. Specifications for circuit diagrams, specifications of equipment are sewn to drawings. Multipage explanatory memorandums inform about principles of installation working and equipment selection, they help customer in working with offered equipment. Great care in explanatory memorandums played to technology, for example in Ice rink explanatory memorandum explained way to make ice and it’s maintenance, for cold stores — efficient storing of goods, for different multipurpose refrigeration units – describing working modes. Thus the customer receives documentation which corresponds with current requirements of supervision authorities, useful at unit operation and made at high quality standard. Our company works with CIS countries and far abroad

Designing of cold stores (refrigeration plants, low temperature cold stores) requires services of professional designers. Our company design (make project documentation) cold stores and refrigeration plants, purchase documentation for any kinds of refrigeration installations can be done in short time. If customer has some difficulties with determination of cold rooms loading, value of goods turnover, our company from experience of cold stores designing and operation can calculate such parameters.

Our company focuses on using not expensive but high quality refrigeration equipment, air coolers with rational fins step to decrease frequency of defrostings and energy saving, if it is possible using hot gas defrosting or air defrosting. Compressors (compressor units) are used not expensive and reliable semihermetic as well as superreliable open type compressors. Condensers are used air cooled with capacity up to 2000 kW, as well as evaporative and shell and tube condensers with cooling towers. When used evaporative condensers there is almost no limits of refrigeration installation capacity. For condensers which use water there are special water treatment systems (chemical water treatment, reverse osmosis, electromagnetic water treatment and etc.). There are three main refrigeration circuits used: direct expansion, flooded, pump circulation systems.

Our company design carbon dioxide systems without any problems. Design of carbon dioxide system is not too much complicated than ammonia system except for some features.

Ice palaces, ice skating rinks

Our company is a leading company in Russia and the CIS countries at the designing, construction and equipping of refrigeration, air conditioning and dehumidifying for Ice Palaces. We were entrusted to prepare the Ice Palaces for the world ice hockey Championship 2016, we reconstructed the largest ice rinks in Russia for such, not requiring advertising, teams like CSKA and SKA. Our company prepared ice for shows «Dancing on ice» and «Ice age» broadcasted on the major Russian television channels. Finally, our company is a two-time winner of the TOP 100 Russian best refrigeration companies and “Sports industry leaders 2018”.

Ice rinks designing and construction are provided by our company using tested methods in the field of hydraulics, cooling slab processes modeling and air masses behavior over ice rink surface. High development level of ice arenas in Soviet union, was supplemented by ice rinks construction and operation experience of Germany, Czech Republic, USA and Canada.

Our company constructed dozens ice rinks and supplies refrigeration equipment for next Ice rinks:

  • hockey rinks, figure skating and short track rinks (58×26 m, 60×30 m and etc.);
  • training rinks (61×30, 60×30, 56×26 m «Canadian rink» and etc.);
  • sledge hockey rinks;
  • speed skating tracks (long track speed skating, 400 m at middle line);
  • bandy fields (Russian hockey);
  • ski slopes and tracks (analog Sky Dubai);
  • curling tracks (one, four or six tracks);
  • public skating courts and etc.

There are some main ice rinks cooling slabs: concrete slab, sand slab, ice mate slab and very seldom aluminum piping slab. It is believed ice on the concrete field is higher quality, however, we provide the same Olympic-quality ice on any kind of the cooling slabs. Ice quality depends on the field structure, refrigeration unit capacity and operation mode, good  painting and maintaining of ice. Primary ice we make ourselves and teach your staff proper casting, showing both how looks proper and high quality ice.

Our company construct any kind of ice fields from zero cycle to «turnkey» stage. Since the construction of ice rinks takes place in Tyumen then in Orel and etc., we often work in close cooperation with local construction companies. Transportation or rental on site of concrete pumps, screeds, etc. is uneconomic, necessity to carry the crew, which implies travel and other expenses. Each time, local builders are afraid to construct ice field for the first time, however, our consultants, backed by more than dozens ice fields and good project documentation can easily help to construct the field. Based on our documentation, where the construct process is described step by step, unskilled workers, plumbers and concreters can make the cooling slab of Olympic level. This saves half of cooling slab cost, comparing to ice field construction wholly by our specialists.

Our company use refrigeration equipment with lowest power consumption, which does not require constant staff presence (operated by controller), it is fully operational and tested at factory (only needs to connect piping to the field and plug cables in switchboard which is built into the unit). Refrigeration unit THT-400 is designed especially for ice rinks with size 30×60 m (hard ice hockey) and can be installed both indoors and outdoors (in case type), which is especially important for mobile ice rinks, because there is no need in machine room. The size of the refrigeration unit (chiller) for hockey rinks is: length 8700 mm, width 2400 mm, height 2450 mm, it is sea container dimensions, which eliminates problems during transportation. Unit weight is not exceeding 6 tons in working condition, therefore there is no need in strong basement  (no dynamic load) or it is possible to use unit without foundation for short period of time. There are used industrial compressors, ultra-reliable, with service life 15-20 years, the rest of components are also industrial with long-life service. Therefore you get equipment with a service life 300 000 hours for cost of competitors equipment, having maximum service life 60 000 hours.

The THT-400 units have great advantage, they are equipped with control system which allows untrained staff to operate units. The controller system operate entire chiller, all data is displayed in Russian (English). Feature of advanced compressor unloading system allows avoid high starting current. Also if commercial compressors decreasing capacity to 75-50% reduce power consumption by 5-7%, while industrial compressors after decreasing capacity to 50%, energy consumption drops by 30-45%. This is a significant difference in the hourly consumption allows to save up to 80 kWh of electricity, which is important, especially for private owners and in the major cities. Therefore, the use of industrial compressors reduces ice rink payback period from 4.7 years (and, generally, for Federal rinks 7-8 years) to 3.8 and even 3.2 years.

Great attention has to be paid to ice rink HVAC systems and especially for large arenas, with large numbers of spectators. The main problem at the rinks — fog and condensation, as well as supply of fresh air. Our company developed dehumidification system, solving fog problem and condensation on building structures. Dehumidification is performed by high-performance adsorption dehumidifier specially manufactured for ice rinks. Air drying is achieved by located in drum drying substance, taking moisture from air and feed it dry back to arena. The drum is regenerated by integrated heater automatically, service life of the unit is up to 20 years. It is possible to buy dehumidifier and ventilation system for rink at any time after its opening. Are designed and supplied ventilation and air conditioning for Ice structures. If necessary, are made system regeneration (recuperation) of the heat of condensation. Our company designs and supplies ice rink HVAC system, if necessary condensing heat recovery systems can be integrated.

Our Ice rinks are visited by the first person in the country!

Soil freezing

Our company is a leading company in Russia and the CIS countries at supplying refrigeration equipment for soil freezing. From 2006 all underground stations in Moscow and St.-Petersburg were built with help of equipment supplied by our company. All diamond mines of Russian Federation since 2007 provided by our soil freezing units. Our company has developed refrigeration units THT -100 and THT-200 for the soil freezing.

Our company can supply customer with nonstandard soil freezing units for different customer conditions, there are almost no limits of refrigeration capacity and coolant temperatures. Our company supply customers with soil freezing units of any design and capacity. For soils with high salinity where is needed low temperature coolant (down to minus 55ºC), were developed special models THT-840. The soil freezing units are used for deep potassium mines and for similar cases where necessary multi-kilometer zonal freezing. The soil freezing units are modular refrigeration systems for outdoor installation, there is no need in machine room. They can be installed at unprepared site, equipped with diesel generator or gas generator, also they can use 6000 and 10000 V power nets. To start unit it is enough to connect it to coolant system and to power supply net to begin soil freezing.

All refrigeration units THT (freezing stations) are movable, if necessary they can be installed on chassis, in base variant they are transported by truck. The refrigeration unit dimensions are: 6000x2200x2450 (h) mm, therefore they are suitable for transportation under bridges and by railroad, and do not require low-profile platforms. At the moment there is short base modification  4500x2200x2450 (h) mm, which is convenient for small construction sites with limited area. Refrigeration unit over THT-780 have dimensions 12000x2400x2750 (h) mm, which also allows to move them without using low-profile platforms and special vehicles, under bridges with height up to 4.5 m. All of our cooling units are suitable for transportation by  standard road transport.

Inside the refrigeration unit are installed all necessary elements: case, compressor, condenser, evaporator, coolant pump and if it is needed — water pump. Coolant pumps can be used of any desired head (pump station, the hydraulic module). There is switch board with power and controller section, which manages all processes in freezing station, is installed. The controller displays all necessary information, configured to required operation parameters of the unit. The starting of the unit is to press a single button, which by algorithm starts and runs the unit, it means freezing station is fully automatic, and does not require qualified staff presence. The units are made to be operated by unskilled staff, extremely resistant to incompetent management and protected as far as possible from human mistakes. Stopping of the unit is the same as starting — is to press a single button and automatically according to the algorithm all systems are turned off. When any operational parameter exceeds specified limits, audio and visual alarm starts.

There was developed fast soil freezing method (for natural gas pipelines repair, soil freezing around broken pipe sections and valve assemblies, up to 48 hours from deployment, to leaks elimination even in the summer time). Prepared design documentation for such stations, provided technology to work in swamps and marshy areas (Gazprom, Rosneft). If necessary, we can provide services for soil freezing process simulation, application of seasonal soil freezing devices. We make calculations for complex types of nitrogen and brine heaving soils freezing and custom freezing columns design systems. We provide consult, developing design documentation, supply of equipment for all types of works during soil freezing and cooling of building structures.

Breweries Meat| Refining plants | Cold stores | Ice-cream factories

холодильный складOur company supplies equipment, develops project documentation, carry out installations, reconstructions, startup of refrigeration industry plants. Some largest consumers of cold are refrigeration plants, cold stores, warehouses, meat and fish processing plants, poultries and dairies, ice cream factories.   Each of these factories, have some special features of refrigeration systems and cold rooms design. Our company provides with cold for any kind of the factories with ammonia and freon refrigeration systems.

Our company provides with cold next factories:

  • breweries;
  • refrigeration plants (cold stores, low temperature warehouses);
  • meat and fish processing plants, poultries and dairies;
  • chemical, building, metallurgical industries.

Refrigeration plants are usually equipped with ammonia refrigeration systems, which are usually not corresponding to current requirements. For such plants is typical complicated reconstructions, when ammonia refrigeration systems, which were installed in the past century, are replaced by highly reliable modern ammonia equipment which meet all current standards. There is used industrial refrigeration equipment which is reliable and inexpensive. Preference is given to systems with hot gas defrosting, pump circulating systems, screw compressor units with smooth cooling capacity regulation.

Most of meat and fish processing plants, dairies and poultries are also equipped with ammonia refrigeration systems. Such facilities are generally have a lot of cooling rooms with different temperature modes. They usually need reconstruction: to make new thermal insulation and replace doors which are worn out and almost not usable. The equipment used in such facilities, excluding cold rooms, has some features. In the meat processing plants are used defrosters, in the fish processing plants – plate shock freezers, in poultries brine cooling freezers. Modern multi stage freezers used in poultries, allow to increase capacity of freezing poultry carcasses and offal. In dairies can be installed after pasteurization cooling equipment etc. Ice cream factories are equipped with freezers and require an individual consideration. Such equipment variety requires careful design, coordination of operation modes and economic feasibility. Our company provides all works for supplying equipment for above mentioned facilities which are using cold.

There are used a lot of shock freezing equipment in meat, poultry and fish processing plants. They are: spiral, tunnel and plate (vertical and horizontal) shock freezing units. Our company can supply all these types of equipment, including autonomous units and fluidizing shock freezing units.

The breweries are traditional objects for cooling supply. Our company provides services for breweries with cooling. Almost all stages of beer production need cooling. The cooling allows to obtain best beer taste and stable quality for large volume production. The beer cooling in front of the filter, can ensure achievement of most effective filtration. Cylinder conical tanks (CCT) usually have cooling jackets which are cooled by direct refrigerant expansion or brine, also cones of tanks are usually cooled. It is rarely used horizontal beer tanks with brine cooling for special beer brands. The beer cooling process requires careful calculations, because different beers have different thermophysical properties, and each one beer is brewed according to its own formula. The brewing and cooling technologies requires to be carefully synchronized to ensure easy work with refrigeration equipment for the brewers and its efficiency. In breweries with capacity approximately 1000000 hl/year are used ammonia refrigeration systems. Our company has all the necessary information to develop refrigeration installations for breweries operating both with domestic and imported equipment.


Ice Palaces (we take part in preparing objects for Ice Hockey World Championship 2016, the TV show «Ice Age» and «Stars on Ice»):

  • ice Palace «Progress» (Tyumen, 2004-2007);
  • ice rink with curling tracks (Volgograd, 2004);
  • outdoor skating rink «Mayachok» (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2004);
  • ice rink with 1,500 spectators «Megamarket» / Terminal (Brovary, Ukraine, 2005);
  • ice skating rink «French Boulevard» / Chateau Ledo (Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2005);
  • CSKA Ice Palace (Moscow, 2005-2006);
  • SKA Ice Palace (St. Petersburg, 2005);
  • ice rink «Voroshilov Trade Center» (Volgograd, 2007);
  • ice rink «PlanetaLeto» (Volzhsky, 2007);
  • ice Palace «Ice Arena» (Orel, 2007);
  • ice Palace «New Generation» (Volgograd, 2007);
  • ice rink with air-supported (air dome) structure (Tyumen, 2007);
  • ice Palace (Mtsensk, 2008);
  • outdoor rink in public park CPKiO (St. Petersburg, 2008);
  • ice Palace (Olenegorsk, 2008-2009);
  • ice rink «Ice Boom» in the shopping complex «Rubin» (Tver, 2009-2010);
  • dance Palace (St. Petersburg, 2010);
  • ice rink «Happy Ice» in the shopping complex «OKA» (Kolpino, St. Petersburg, 2010-2011);
  • ice complex ASK-Strelna (St. Petersburg, 2014);
  • ice rink LOTUS PLAZA (Petrozavodsk, 2014);
  • ice skating rink in the shopping complex «Tair» (Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 2014);
  • ice Palace «Novosele» (St. Petersburg, 2015);
  • JSC «Sports Palace» (Ledoviy Dvorec, St. Petersburg, 2015) is prepared for the World Hockey Championship 2016, and others.
  • ice Palace «Doszhan-Sport» (Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 2018).

Soil freezing:

  • soil freezing (we have frozen all underground stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2006);
  • freezing protection of St. Petersburg dam and St. Petersburg underground station mines (underground stations Volkovskaya, Zvenigorodskaya 2006);
  • soil freezing for the Moscow underground stations (2007-2015);
  • soil freezing at the shaft on Rogdestvensky Bulvar, Moscow, and works for the soil freezing and ice-rinks in Ukraine (2008-2015 years);
  • soil freezing for the diamond mines “Internationalny” Aikhal ALROSA (2007-2008, 2011);
  • freezing of dam, sea port Pevek (Chukotka, 2009);
  • soil freezing for diamond mines “Udachny”, “Internationalny” ALROSA (2013-2014);
  • start-up for the diamond mines “Udachny”, “Internationalny” ALROSA (2013);
  • repairs of freezing stations for the St. Petersburg underground (2014);
  • soil freezing for St. Petersburg underground (underground station “Prospekt veteranov” 2013-2014);
  • soil freezing for diamond mines “Udachny”, “Internationalny” ALROSA (2014);
  • soil freezing systems design ALROSA diamond mines (2014-2015);
  • soil freezing for shafts Okhta tunnel sewer collector (St. Petersburg, 60 mines, the total length 7.7 km, 2015), and others.


  • brewery «SUN InBev» (SUN Interbrew), ammonia refrigeration system (Volgsky, 2004);
  • ammonia refrigeration unit «Pivovar» (Ipatovo, Stavropol, 2007);
  • ice Cream Factory;
  • ice Cream Factory «Holod Slavmo» (Petrozavodsk, 2005).


  • dairy «Sovhoz Dzyubenko» (Sortavala, Karelia, 2006);
  • cold store «Girovoy kombinat» (Ekaterinburg, 2010);
  • dairy “Irbitsky molochny zavod (Irbit, Sverdlovsk region, 2013).

Meat processing plants:

  • meat processing plants «Myasoprodukty», ammonia refrigeration unit (Naryan-Mar, 2007);
  • cold Storage of meat processing plant «Myasoprodukty» (Naryan-Mar, 2010).

Cold store:

  • сold store of 40 000 t., carbon dioxide refrigeration system (Moscow, 2006);
  • сold store of 2,500 tons. (Ekaterinburg, 2009);
  • сold store «Ural sakhar» (Ekaterinburg, 2015), and others.

Reefer vessels and ship refrigeration systems:

  • Ship «Rus Velikaya» (Perm, 2015).

Different customers:

  • pharmaceutical factory (Pocpov, Moscow region, 2007);
  • compressors supply for «ALROSA» (Moscow, 2010);
  • JSC «Zauralsky kuznechno liteyny zavod» compressor units Howden (Kurgan, 2011);
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise «NII Machinostroenie» (Sverdlovsk Region, Nignyaya Salda, 2015).

Our Ice rinks are visited by the first person in the country!

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